Roof Support Block

  • Material is 1-5/8″ [41.3] wide x 1/4″ [6.3] thick unless specified.
  • Holes are 9/16″ [14.3] diameter, 13/16″ [20.6] center to edge on 1-7/8″ [47.6] centers unless specified
Catalog No.Wt. (lbs)Number
of Bases
Uniform Load
lbs (kN)
RSB Base Only
RSB 0000RB3.213-3/16″10-1/2″2,500 (11.1)*
RSB-Support With 13/16″ Pre-Galv. Steel Channel
RSB 1081PG4.014-13/16″9.32″10-1/2″2,500 (11.1)*
RSB22481PG8.424-13/16″22.82″24″5,000 (22.2)*
RSB33681PG12.634-13/16″34.82″36″7,500 (33.4)*
RSB44881PG16.944-13/16″46.82″48″10,000 (44.5)*
RSB-Support With 1-5/8″ Pre-Galv. Steel Channel
RSB 1016PG4.715-5/8″9.32″10-1/2″2,500 (11.1)*
RSB22416PG9.925-5/8″22.82″24″5,000 (22.2)*
RSB33616PG15.035-5/8″34.82″36″7,500 (33.4)*
RSB44816PG20.045-5/8″46.82″48″10,000 (44.5)*
RSB Support With 2-7/16″ Pre-Galv. Steel Channel
RSB 1024PG5.116-7/16″9.32″10-1/2″2,500 (11.1)*
RSB22424PG10.926-7/16″22.82″24″5,000 (22.2)*
RSB33624PG16.636-7/16″34.82″36″7,500 (33.4)*
RSB44824PG22.246-7/16″46.82″48″10,000 (44.5)*
* This load is only for the capacity of the components in this assembly.
Please consult roofing manufacturer or engineer for roof load capacity.

Finish – Fitting: PG – Pre-galvanized Zinc
ASTM A653 G-90 Pre-galvanized zinc is produced by continuously rolling steel coils or sheets through molten zinc at the mills. The coils or sheets are slit to size and fabricated by forming, shearing or punching to produce the finished product. During fabrication cut edges are not generally zinc coated; however, the zinc near the uncoated metal becomes a sacrificial anode to protect the bare areas.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and which is known to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to